I’ve been wrestling for awhile with what exactly to talk about in our Easter services this weekend (Of course I’m going to talk about the truth of the resurrection). Time and time again I hear stories from people who are nearing the end of their life and they make the statement, “I’ve been going to church my whole life and I never really heard what it means to be a follower of Jesus,” or, “I heard a lot about the church but I never really knew what it meant to be a Christian.”

So I’m committed to presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ in the most precise and understandable way possible this weekend. I don’t want one single person to be able to walk away and say, “I never knew . . .,” “No one ever told me . . .”

But the question still remains, “In a society that has been saturated with ‘Jesus stuff,’ how do you scrape away all the junk to get to the heart of God?”

I’m praying for God simply to speak through me. For Greg Nettle to be out of the way. For Jesus to be present. For the Savior of the universe to invade our lives.

I have the opportunity this weekend to share the message that changes eternities. The responsibility is awesome. At times overwhelming. I’m taking it very seriously.

If you’re a Jesus-follower you have the same opportunity with those you come in contact with. What would you say? What will you say?