As President of Stadia – a global church planting organization – Greg Nettle has a God-given passion for the Church and its responsibility to plant new churches… churches specifically designed to reach out to children at physical and spiritual risk. He is an author, speaker and consultant as an agent of change in the global church.

For 25 years, Greg served as visionary leader of the RiverTree Movement in Ohio. During that time the church grew from 100 to more than 3000 people, from 1 to 4 campuses, helped plant 15 churches throughout Ohio and 13 in Latin America, sponsored more than 2000 children with Compassion International and involved more than 200 families in adoption. Greg came to RiverTree after beginning his ministry as a church planter in Dublin, Ireland.

Greg’s sense of adventure has taken him around the world as he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi and Whitney among others to raise funds to bless children on the margins of society.

Greg’s most important partner in life is his wife Julie as they lead their children, Tabitha and Elijah, to fall deeply in love with Jesus.

Greg is the co-author of three books: One Of, Disciples Who Make Disciples, and Small Matters. He blogs regularly at www.gregnettle.com and tweets @gregnettle.