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Current Episode

The Book of Church Planting (with Greg Nettle and Oscar Muriu)

“The book of Acts should be called the book of church planting. Seeing Paul planting churches everywhere he went, never satisfied with planting just one church. He was driven forward by the vision of church planting, and I wanted to live that dream, to be like Paul.” (Oscar Muriu)

“I always felt I was playing catch up with the Lord. I always felt, God is doing something here and I’m trying to catch up with Him!” (Oscar Muriu)

“When God called us to move, it wasn’t so we could be one big, large church – it was so we could more effectively reach people for Him.” (Oscar Muriu)

“If you’re a church planter, that’s the whole deal – you’re going to face adversity because you’re on the tip of the spear. Satan doesn’t want you doing this stuff.” (Greg Nettle)

“We’re running seven services, I could see the pastoral staff wearing out. You’d be wiped out for the next two days – there was no future in it. But there were leaders in our church who felt we were undoing the work of God. They thought, ‘We have good numbers, and you want to break this up into five?? What kind of foolhardy idea is that?'” (Oscar Muriu)

“You have to bear the brunt of that pain, and that’s what we do as leaders.” (Greg Nettle)¬†

Oscar Muriu Bio

Pastor Oscar dedicated his life to Christ in 1983, and has served as the Senior Pastor of the Nairobi Chapel since 1991. In that time, he has seen the Church grow from a mere 20 people, to over 3,000 people, with 26 church plants. His personal mission is to raise up a legacy of African leaders for the Church of Christ worldwide. He holds a B.Sc. (Zoology) from the University of Delhi in India, and an M. Div. from the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). Pastor Oscar and his wife Bea have four daughters; Chiru, Chiku, Wanja and Janelle.