Welcome to The Church Planting Podcast, church planters on church planting – the nuts and bolts, joys and pains, challenges and opportunities to advance God’s kingdom in an innovative and disruptive way.

The podcast is powered by Stadia Church Planting, a church planting organization whose vision is to see a world where every child has a church.


Digital Planting Made Practical (Patrick Holden, Ray Hudson, & Wes Dillon)



Patrick Holden

Patrick Holden is the Lead Pastor of Nuvo Church, a new church plant in Columbus, Ohio. Passionate about helping people explore and integrate faith in Jesus, a team of 9 people uprooted from several cities across the country and have launched Nuvo. Prior to church planting, Patrick has served at Kensington Church in Metro Detroit as well as North Point Ministries in Atlanta. He writes on leadership, faith and family at ForwardInLeadership.com and has been featured on Sermon Central and ChurchLeaders.com. Patrick lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Emily and their 2 children Henry and Eleanor.


Ray Hudson

Raymond and Rachel Hudson are planting a new life-giving church in Berkeley, CA. They have 4 amazing children Gabriella (9), Zeke (7), Bella (5), and Leo (1) and are excited to love and serve the City of Berkeley. Through this process, they have taken time to Re-Think what the local church should look like, believing that having a new perspective on the church will allow them to reach those who would never enter a church.

City Center Church launched a Digital Campus first, April 12, 2020 and will be launching an in-person gathering in the Claremont/Elmwood Community in Berkeley in the Fall. The goal is to create a church that looks like nothing you have ever seen before. The vision is the impact the Bay One Community, One Family and One Person at a time.



Wes Dillon

Wes is Lead Planter of Four Rivers Christian Church, a new church he & his wife, Kasey are launching in Durham, New Hampshire. Partnering with Stadia, Spring 2021 is the scheduled launch date.

An ordained minister, Wes spent 10+ years in full-time ministry from 1994-2005 before spending the last 15 years in technology, working with leading companies in High-Speed Computing, Enterprise Website & Mobile App Development, Big Data and Cyber Security.

Advancing the Gospel through innovation is Wes’ calling and passion and although he wondered over 15 years why God would only open doors in technology, now that he’s leading a church plant reliant on technology in the middle of a global pandemic, it is clear how God intends to merge the ministry & technology experience.

Wes and Kasey have three kids, Gabe (13), Addie (11) and Bodie (7) and they are fortunate to be raising them in the seacoast of New Hampshire.




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