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Digital and Local (with Joey Santos)



The New Digital Reality (with Jeff Reed)


The Technology Revolution (with Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMware)

Joey Santos

Joey Santos currently serves at Christ’s Church, Mason OH. He is the Online Pastor and also oversees Worship & Arts, Communications and Production teams.

One of Joey Santo’s passions is to pour his life into helping the body of Christ to learn, develop and grow in maturity of faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

He believes in the power of one – one life committed to Jesus can make an enormous impact when connected to another life committed to Jesus. When those lives become connected with other lives by passion and vision, the power to impact our world with the love and message of Jesus grows exponentially. It all starts with one – the power of one. Perhaps you are that one – Joey believes you will reach your full potential in Jesus.

If you have questions, or would like to connect with Joey, please contact him at joeysantos@me.com.