Here are three more books that are worth your time.

In Praise Of Slowness by Carl Honore is not a quick read–imagine that. It is, however, worth spending the time to get through. The Japanese have coined a new word in their vocabulary–karoshi–“death by overwork.” From the culture that is notorious for their work ethic. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how this word came into being.

In 2000, David Cottrell and Mark Layton published 175 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time. Tip number 141 is simply: “Do everything faster!” Can’t recommend that one.

Tarzan Of The Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I picked this one up because Geraldo Rivera said that it was one of his top five books of all time. No comments about the fact that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Geraldo has read five books!

There’s a reason that Tarzan is considered a classic . . . it’s a great read. An author that can concincingly pull off a story about a man being raised by apes has to be a superb writer. Burroughs does it with great success.

Plan B by Anne Lamott. I didn’t find myself doing a lot of underlining but I did find myself laughing out loud. Anne writes with a candidness and authenticity that is nothing short of refreshing. In Plan B Lamott continues to record her journey of faith, warts and all. If you haven’t read her bestseller, Traveling Mercies, pick that one up as well.