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Last night, I had the opportunity to share dinner with leaders celebrating 5 and 10 year anniversaries of their church’s launch and with future church planters.  My favorite part of the evening came when the leaders celebrating their anniversaries poured wisdom into the future church planters.  Here are some of the highlights:

Love your community, and if you don’t love your community then ask God to change your heart

Take the long-term view in this

Get with other lead pastors in your community — you can’t reach your community by yourself

Hold fast and tight to your original calling

Understand the spiritual story of your city

Everyone might have a vision for your church; however, it is the Lord’s church and He gets to call the shots

Embrace the passion that is uniquely yours

Find a need where you are in your community and meet it

When God calls you to plant a church, it is your battleground.  The vision God gives you for your battleground is bigger than you can imagine…so, give 100% or a little bit more.