This is a tough post to write–not because it’s bad news but because it’s hopeful news on a roller coaster ride that doesn’t have a clear conclusion.

I received a call from my wife, Julie, Monday afternoon while I was in Dallas. Our caseworker called to tell us that baby Elijah’s birth mom placed him in foster care four days after they came home from the hospital. Not because of abuse or neglect . . . she simply found that she could not take care of him.

Sooo, her agency wanted to know if we were still interested in adopting him. After praying (for about two seconds), we said “Yes!”

As of today, we are scheduled to bring Elijah home next Tuesday. However, birth mom won’t be signing the release papers until next week. In other words, a lot could still happen.

I have deeply appreciated your sharing in this journey with us. Please pray simply that God’s will be done. That birth mom makes the right decision (whatever that may be). And that Julie and I become more like Jesus through this wondrous process.