I was standing in the back of the room as church started this weekend. My wife, Julie, who is also the Worship Director for RiverTree, started reading some words while on stage. I’m listening to them and I’m thinking, “Those are really good.” After the service was over I asked her who she was reading from. And she responded that it was simply some stuff she had written in her journal. So, with her permission, this is a beautiful prayer from my amazing wife.

God, thank-you for remembering me when I forget you. Thank-you for being faithful to me when I turn my back on you. Thank-you for defending me when I fail to stand up for you. Thank-you for loving me when I’m too tired to love you back. Thank-you for being my friend when I don’t give you a moment of my time. Thank-you for believing in me when I don’t believe in you. Thank-you for forgiving me when I haven’t forgiven myself. Thank-you for trusting me with others even when I don’t trust you with the others I love. Thank-you for paying attention to my life even when I’ve ignored you for months. Thank-you for rescuing me when I didn’t recognize you as Savior. Thank-you for loving this sinner when I didn’t know that I was one.