I just returned from another trip to Ecuador and was once again amazed by the powerful partnership between church planting and caring for children.

Several Stadia leaders and I got to see first hand how churches planted just a year ago are already transforming entire communities. Through each of these churches, Compassion runs their child sponsorship and child survival ministries, releasing hundreds of children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Entire families are receiving the hope of Jesus!

Since the very first time I met my friend and mentor Wess Stafford, I’ve known that his vision to change children’s lives comes to fruition through Compassion’s highly developed systems and well implemented strategies. They are very intentional about what they do. As a result, they make a world-changing impact.

Hear what other Stadia leaders had to say as they observed these systems and strategies in action in Ecuador:

This year alone, Stadia and Compassion partnered to launch 12 new church plants and ministries together. In 2013 our prayer is to launch at least 20. Will you join us?