My family sponsors five children through Compassion International’s Child Development Sponsorship Program. Why? Because we care about kids and Compassion sponsorships completely transform kids’ lives.

By sponsoring a child, we give him/her the opportunity to participate in church-based ministries that offer life-changing benefits like education, health care, social skills and – of course – access to the Good News and hope of Jesus.

We have a very real and very important connection with the kids we sponsor. In addition to the $38/month we invest in each of them, we write them letters and pray for them every night — and even visit them!

Our family knows the weight of this responsibility. Compassion has given us a significant role in the development of these children. What an honor to stand alongside their parents, pastors, teachers, family and friends who are taking active roles in encouraging and developing them.

Because Compassion runs their programs ONLY through a local church, Stadia is working hard to start new churches in Central and South America. Through each new church, at least 200 kids gain access to sponsorship and all its benefits.

Will you consider changing the life of a child for all eternity? Consider sponsoring a child … or helping us start a new church so over 200 kids can be sponsored!

Learn more about Compassion and their Child Development Sponsorship Program.