There are times when my “tank” is full. I seem to have a high level of creativity . . . ideas that rapidfire . . . I wake up and can’t wait to jot some thoughts down.

And there are times when my “tank” is empty. I slip into mild depression . . . become irritable . . . overall, not very pleasant to be around.

I’m becoming more aware of what fills my “tank” and what leaves me on E.

What fills my tank:

*Plenty of rest. I try to get 8 hours of sleep per night.
*Lots of input. I mean input into my tank. Watching movies. Reading good books (this includes a healthy dose of fiction). New experiences. Etc.
*Hanging out with people who jazz me. I love interesting, thought-provoking conversation.
*Hanging out by myself. I need times of solitude. It’s good to be comfortable with being alone.
*Adventure. There’s nothing like doing something or seeing something for the very first time.
*Spiritual food. Bible reading, prayer, serving others . . .

What sends me to E:

*Too many days in a row of pouring out.
*Too many conversations with people who are downright challenging–maybe we could call them “joy-suckers”–people who suck the joy of life right out of you.
*Mundane tasks. Isn’t that why autopilot was invented?
*Lack of challenge. I was born for battle.

What fills your “tank” and what sends you to E?