Top 5 things I love and respect about my mom

1.  She loves God and passed her faith on to me.

Nothing else is as important as this!

2.  She has stayed married for more than 56 years.

I was taught that divorce is not an option.  This provided security as I was growing up as well as laying the foundation for me to build my own marriage.

3.  She loves my wife.

Life is SO much better when mother and daughter-in-law actually love one another and get along well.

4.  She invests in my children.

It is such a privilege for me to have “grandma” pour into the lives of her grandchildren.

5.  She is my biggest cheerleader.

Yes, I really do walk on water. (At least my mom believes I do.)

*And one more that doesn’t hurt:  She is a great cook!