*Presenting the Wess Stafford “Too Small To Ignore” award to Ben and Shaina Thompson. I have watched this young church planting couple for several years and they truly model what it means to value children.

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*Meeting the up and coming Stadia church planters. What a bunch of rock stars! Love their diversity. Love their hearts. Love their vision.

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*Being part of the pre-conference on developing a generous church. Dusty Rubeck, Phil Ling, Julie Bullock and Steve Porter were incredible teachers.

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*Raising more than $120,000 at the Stadia celebration to plant 10 new multi-ethnic Latino churches in the U.S. Thanks to everyone who so generously invested.

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*Working with the Stadia Team on our strategy to build coaching huddles, residencies and training modules for our church planters. We want our 90% success rate to be even higher!

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