I recently met with Michele. Three years ago I was on a group trip with her to visit the children we sponsor through Compassion International in Ecuador. While on the trip I could very clearly see God’s tug on her heart. One year later she moved to Quito and has lived there for the past two years. She affirmed that Ecuador is now her home.

Michele works with children in poverty who have feeding and swallowing disorders. She’s loving children the way Jesus loves them and she’s training others to do the same.

I asked Michele if she liked living in Ecuador. She responded, “Yes . . . they’re such beautiful people.” And then she paused. She looked directly at me and said, “They do today really well.”

That statement struck me hard. “They do today really well.”

Far too often we’re stuck in the past. Far too often we’re so busy preparing for the future . . .

I need to learn to do today really well.