Our son, Elijah John, is thriving. Unfortunately, I’m not!

I had no idea the effects that sleep deprivation would have on my life. My creativity level has dropped dramatically. Julie and I try not to be short with each other or with Tabitha. I’m reading less. When I try to pray it ends up being an exercise in keeping my eyes open.

On the other hand . . .

I’m learning a lot about God’s love for me. Having chosen to adopt a child at risk I realize the depth of God’s love to adopt me–a child at risk.

Praying in the middle of the night for Elijah to grow up and be a man who is deeply in love with God helps me to review the priorities in my own life.

Learning to serve my family when I absolutely do not feel like serving probably has its upside.

Understanding the deep needs of children on the margins of society has awakened my heart to the heart of God.

Ummm, maybe I am thriving?