Julie and I finished our foster/adoption classes this week. It was no small task. 36 hours of information. We finished by receiving our CPR certification. So, if I see you passed out on the street, theoretically, I should be able to revive you.

What all of this means is that we could have a new child(ren) in our home in as little as two weeks. Of course it could also be as long as six months. The wait begins.

I’ve been asked time and time again why we’re doing this? We already feel very complete as a family. Julie and I have adjusted our work schedules to give great care to our daughter Tabitha. We love to travel.

In a nutshell the reason is this . . . Some people bring a new child into their family to complete their family. With foster care/adoption we bring our family into a child’s life that needs the love of a family.

Right now, in the state of Ohio alone, there are 17,000 children in the foster care system. Children that really have no place to call home. Children that would love to be part of a forever family.

Did you know that of those being held in our penal systems throughout this country, 80% grew up in what we call “substitute” homes? The vast majority of that 80% are children who were bounced around in the foster care system. What would happen if Jesus followers would start loving these children and bring them into their families? Could it be that prisons would begin to close? Captives would be set free? Ummm, sounds like something Jesus came to do.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover that this whole Jesus thing really works? As my favorite Tootsie Pop owl used to say, “The world may never know.” But then again . . . maybe it will.