By now, many of you have gotten wind in the news, read the book, or watched the Discovery Channel special about director James Cameron’s amazing new discovery about the tomb of Jesus. You may remember that James Cameron is the award winning director of the epic, “The Titanic.”

Cameron is claiming that the “real” tomb of Jesus has been found and it is anything but empty! In fact, Jesus’ tomb includes a burial box with his real bones, the bones of Mary Magdalene (Jesus’ supposed wife) and at least one child. If Cameron is correct, to say the least, this will disrupt one of the major tenants of the Christian faith—that Jesus died and rose again to life which means there are no bones in the tomb!

The truth of the matter is that James Cameron’s new discovery is anything but new. The tomb and burial box which he is claiming as Jesus’ was discovered and discredited twenty-seven years ago. Amos Kloner, the Jewish archaeologist in charge of the investigation, concluded that it was not the tomb of Jesus and his family. In fact, not a single respected archaeologist from the Holy Land is willing to endorse Cameron’s claims as true!

It is disturbing that the Discovery Channel would air a show that is aimed at propagating lies. The reason we have not heard more about this amazing discovery is not because it has been kept under wraps but because nearly all of the world’s best scholars (Christian, non-Christian, Jewish, etc.) have seen nothing of particular historical value in them.

A few years ago, when accepting the Oscar for best director, James Cameron shouted, “I am king of the world!” Unfortunately, Cameron has gone from being king of the world to being a peddler of untruth to exploit unknowing people into buying a book filled with lies. (Did I mention that a book on the subject, for which he wrote the forward, is now in the top five of Amazon’s top sellers?)

For the record, there are remains of Jesus’ family that have been found on earth. It’s called the Church. But we’re not dead, either.