The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood is a great read!

Sherwood asks two primary questions: What does it really take to survive? and What kind of survivor are you? (Survivor is defined as “anyone who faces and overcomes adversity, harship, illness, or physical or emotional trauma.”)

The book addresses surviving everything from a plane crash to a high altitude fall to a sudden storm to cancer to a knitting needle through the heart to the Holocaust!

For instance, when you get on your next domestic flight, your chance of being killed is one in 60 million. That means you could fly every day for the next 164,000 years before you would perish in a crash. AND, there are things that you can do to increase your odds of survival even more. (And no, not flying, is not one of the precautions.)

Incidentally, people who go to church regularly live around seven years longer than people who don’t.

Pick this one up.