We arrived home from our summer vacation/study break this morning. Good trip all in all. Always good to be home . . . something about sleeping in your own bed . . .

After unpacking I needed to run to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. No problem–accept for the “Good Night” diapers for Elijah. Giant Eagle no longer carries them. Sooo, a quick stop at Babies R Us.

I found the “Good Nights” right away. Unfortunately all three checkout lines were at least 8 people deep. I am no longer in vacation relaxation mode–I am now in task “git r done” mode. Three people from checking out, the cashier informs that I’ll need to move to another register . . . she is closing down.

Okayyy, I see a shorter line near the end of the store. I move towards it. Just as I am about to make my dash, an elderly (and I mean ELDERLY) woman shuffles from another line into the line in front of me. Ughhhh. Finally, this grandmotherly lady is the only person between me and checking out (NO, I didn’t shove her out of the way!).

Very nice elderly lady lays her purchases on the counter (a baby bath thingy, you know, big plastic wash tubbee). The young girl at the register rings her up and then removes her purchases from the gift registry. Nice elderly lady asks, “Do you have a gift bag for this?”

“Oh no, we don’t have anything here at the register. There are some nice big gift bags over in our gift wrap department.”

“Would you go get me one?”

I’m thinking to myself, “Okay, the nice cashier will call someone to assist this nice elderly lady.” BUT NOOOO. Very nice young cashier smiles and says, “I’d be happy too.” As she walks away (leaving eight of us stand in line) the elderly lady, who in my mind, is no longer receiving the affectionate term “nice,” calls out, “It’s for a boy!”

By now I’m thinking that my Chunk Monkey ice cream is now Slushy Monkey at best (did I mention I went to the grocery store to get some essentials?).

Five minutes later the nice young cashier comes back with a nice blue bag for the baby bath tubbee thingy which the elderly lady decides she doesn’t want because it costs too much.

Vacation is over and it’s back to reality. And the reality is that I still have to make conscious decisions on a regular basis about how I’m going to respond in challenging situations (no matter how insignificant or goofy they are).

“Jesus, help me be like you . . . not only when I’m in relaxed mode but especially when I’m wanting to ‘git r done’.”