The big question I’m wrestling with these days is what it means to be a leader in a “missional” church? I’ve been asking God and I’ve been asking a lot of other Pastors that I respect. The answer is not coming with ease.

Reggie McNeal recently responded, “I’m not sure, but I do know that once you move in this direction . . . you can never go back.”

Here are some of the character traits that I am discovering are necessary to be effective:

*Authenticity. Yes, we all try to be authentic, but there is a risky authenticity that takes following Jesus to a whole new level. Being willing to open one’s life in the midst of deep struggles as well as exhuberant triumphs.

*Generosity. This goes beyond tithing to your local church. It means that we’re going to be open to the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit. Promptings that may lead to the release of your financial resources, time and energies to see God’s Kingdom revealed.

*Collaboration. I’ve been reciting a new mantra: “It’s amazing what God can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit.” Good-bye ego. Good-bye self-promotion.

*Urgency. Life is short–everyone’s. Urgency is not busyness but rather a constant awareness of the necessity of God’s Kingdom in every life in all the earth.

The wrestling continues . . .