Merry Christmas! Ummm, I mean Happy Easter!

Hard to believe it was 77 degrees three days ago and now it’s 27 with a half inch of snow on the ground.

Easter is my favorite holiday of the year. Even when I was a kid I loved Easter more than all of the other celebrations. So, I’m revved up and ready to head into a big, BIG, Easter weekend.

On another note, but one that ties into the big, BIG, Easter weekend; my Uncle Glenn died yesterday morning. I was close to my Uncle as I was growing up. He and his family lived just down the street from us. Lots of memories.

So here’s my schedule for this big, BIG, Easter weekend.

8-9 Blow-out Power Saturday (This is a big prayer and worship celebration with all three of our campuses coming together)
9-10:30 Baptism Celebration (We’ll be baptizing 75-100 people. Very cool.)
11-12:30 My Unlce’s funeral
12:30-3 Memorize my Easter message
3-7:30 Easter services

7-1 Easter services
2-4 Easter dinner at my parents’
4 We come home and our daughter Tabitha discovers that the Easter bunny has visited our house. She’ll open her basket and find the eggs that have been hidden.

Nice big, BIG, Easter weekend for our daughter, huh? Maybe it is. Every once in awhile I wonder if she feels like Isaac being sacrificed on the altar to God?

I love Easter, but this one seems to have become a bit BIG.