Hey Friends,

On July 28th, 2012, I turn 50.  Ouch!  Sooo, Julie asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday?  I responded, “Summit a mountain!”  Julie’s reply?  “Pick one that I can climb with you.”  And so, on July 25th, Julie and I will be heading to Central California to climb the highest peak in the contiguous United States—Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet.

The big 5-0!!!  And I’m asking you for a birthday present . . . A BIG birthday present . . . One that costs a lot.  Julie and I (and our friends, Jon and Kelly) have committed to raising $80,000 with this climb.  $80,000 that will open a new church on Pampanal Island off the West Coast of Ecuador.  A new church in which Compassion International will immediately open their caring for children ministries.  In other words, this climb, and the birthday gifts you give, will care for hundreds of children living in abject poverty in Jesus’ name!

Just a note about Pampanal Island.  Pampanal can only be reached by boat.  Several days each month the island is entirely flooded when the tides cause the waters to rise more than 2 feet over the ground.  All homes are built on stilts.  On the island, basic services are undependable, alcoholism is rampant, fishing is the only seasonal work and hundreds of children suffer from the resulting abject poverty.  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Climbing4Kids partners with organizations that are ministering on the front lines in the countries in which we climb.  For this climb, we are raising funds for Stadia and Compassion International Ministries, both of which are deeply involved with caring for children on the margins in Ecuador.  Please check out the C4K web site at www.climbing4kids.org.

I am asking you to partner with me.  Would you please consider sponsoring me on this climb with a donation for every foot ascended? Once again, the summit of Whitney is 14,505 feet.

1 cent per foot equals $145.05.

2 cents per foot equals $290.10.

3 cents per foot equals $435.15.

4 cents per foot equals $580.20.

5 cents per foot equals $725.25.

10 cents per foot equals $1,450.50.

1 dollar per foot equals $14,505.00.

Please respond in the comment section with the commitment you are making.

100% of the monies will be invested in children at risk!

All investments are 100% tax deductible.  A receipt will be provided by RiverTree Christian Church.  Please make all checks or money orders payable to RiverTree Christian Church (7373 Portage St NW, Massillon, Ohio 44646), and write Climbing4Kids on the memo line.

Julie and I will do our very best to make it to the top of the mountain.  Thank-you for partnering with us, Climbing4Kids and for the children in Jesus’ name.

You can follow our climb here at www.gregnettle.com.

Helping children climb the mountain of poverty,

Greg Nettle


For further information about Compassion International visit www.compassion.com.

For further information about Stadia visit www.stadia.cc.