Tomorrow morning at 10, Julie, Tabs and I have our permanent custody hearing for Elijah John. There shouldn’t be any surprises . . . but we’ll feel a HUGE weight lift off our shoulders when this is completed.

Six months has passed. It seems like yesterday when we were agonizing over whether or not God intended to bring this little boy into our family . . .

I wonder what God felt like the first night before any of us would be adopted into His family?

Will they love me?

Will they understand the depth of my love for them?

Several people have said to us, “Wow! This little boy has hit the jackpot being adopted into your family.” And I understand that thinking/logic. However, being on the other end, the end where you have a child to raise in hopes of loving God and loving you . . . We feel like we have hit the jackpot.

And I wonder if God feels the same?

We get eternal life. A restored relationship with God. A new Earth forever!!!

But . . . . . . . . . . .

God gets love from His adopted child. At least I hope so. Or He hopes so.

And in the end . . .

That’s all that matters.