Ahhh, it is a new day.

Thanks to all of you who have chosen to enter into this journey of caring for children. I believe we are very close to the heart of God when we are engaged in caring for those who have no one to care for them. A heart that is pure but a heart that is also often broken.

Julie and I began the foster/adoption process as a result of God wrecking our heart over children in need. That has not changed. Our desire still remains to offer the love of Jesus specifically to a child/children who have been cast aside. For us it has come to mean more than sending a check to Compassion International each month (as vital as that is), more than even visiting the children we sponsor, it has become a commitment to open our home and to encourage others to open their homes in Jesus’ name.

Early Jesus followers were known for their willingness to rescue children who had been thrown away by Roman society. To embrace those who were considered of no value. The challenge still exists in virtually every society today. How will those of us who are Jesus-followers respond?

We called our agent at the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio yesterday. We thanked her for walking this path with us. A difficult journey. And we assured her that we were ready and willing to continue to care for kids who have no home.

Our prayer is that there will one day be a time when there are no discarded children but that all the children of the world are cared for and loved in Jesus’ name.

Again, thank-you for joining us on this journey. By God’s power at work within each of us . . . let’s change the world one child at a time.