Is anyone else confused about Issue 3?

On November 7th, we need to be good citizens and head to the polls to cast our votes. However, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to understand what the issues are really about.

A few nights ago I was watching television. A commercial comes on with a wonderful warm feel about children and how if I’ll vote “for” Issue 3 then I’ll help ensure that kids will receive a wonderful education. Well who wouldn’t vote for that?

Unfortunately, the advertisement was very misleading. There was no mention that Issue 3 is really about gambling!

So I did some research. Here’s what I discovered. Just the facts.

If Issue 3 passes, then 9 developers will receive licenses to open gambling establishments.

If Issue 3 passes, then studies show that 109,000 individuals will become pathological and problem gamblers. On the average, 10 more people are affected by one person’s gambling addiction. That means that more than one million people will be damaged.

If a gambling establishment is within 50 miles of an individual, that person is 50% more likely to become addicted to gambling. Incidentally, there will be 4 gambling sites within 50 miles of RiverTree!

If Issue 3 passes, then Ohio will become a Class III gambling state which will make it much easier for tribal casinos to be opened in our backyard.

And by the way, Issue 3 has loopholes that leave thousands of Ohio students out in the cold. There are NO guarantees how much will be paid out in scholarships or when they will be paid. The top 5% grants disappear after just 12 years, but the gambling establishments continue to rake in money.

Now, we all need to be good citizens and vote. And that’s the beauty of a democratic society . . . we get to decide how we want to vote.

But let’s be crystal clear about this: Issue 3 is not about education, it’s about 9 licensed gambling establishments making massive amounts of money and hundreds of thousands of lives being destroyed.