This past weekend at the end of all of our services (only on Sunday since we had to cancel our Saturday night services due to a blizzard) we gave people the opportunity to be a blessing to others. We wrapped up our “Unplugged” teaching series by talking about getting rid of our idols. We defined idols as anything that takes God’s place in our heart.

As people left our campuses we had boxes at the door. Everyone was invited to take their shoes off, drop them in the box, put on some plastic medical booties and leave. The shoes would then be given to a variety of local charities that cared for people on the margins of society.

Ummm, when we planned this, we weren’t anticipating the 18″ of snow that would fall and make the parking lot an absolute mess of salty, slushy snow.

As I stood at the door taking one of my favorite pairs of winter shoes off a lady actually walked back in after going out to her car. She said, to no-one in particular, “I love these shoes” (and they really were nice shoes). She smiled at me and threw them in the box.

As I walked to my SUV, in my socks and thin layer of plastic, I couldn’t help but think of the words of the Lord to whom I have given my life, “I needed clothes, and you clothed me.” (Matthew 25:36) Somehow, walking through cold snow so that I could give my shoes to Jesus seemed more like a privilege than an imposition.