“The checks aren’t in the mail, but they will be soon.” So begins an article from USA Today. The President signed legislation on Wednesday to rush rebates from $300 to $1200 to millions of Americans. Congress, President Bush, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are “hoping the money will burn such a hole in people’s pockets that they won’t be able to resist spending it.” And the spending is supposed to provide an energizing jolt to our nation’s economy.

When I was growing up my parents would say to me, “That money is burning a hole in your pocket.” It was a negative assessment of my desire to spend whatever little money I had attained. And here’s our government encouraging us to act like little children, in a very negative way . . . spend, spend, spend.

What would happen if we all took our rebate checks and paid off the existing debt that we owe? Or if we all invested our checks in interest yielding savings accounts? Or, I’m really going out on a limb here, if we said “No” to the new flat screen tvs, vacations and clothing, realized that we already have more than enough, and gave our new windfall away to those in desperate need?

It wouldn’t make sense to the economists but I have to wonder, that if in God’s economy, we might once again experience God’s blessing upon us as a people?