I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, at an orientation meeting before flying to Israel tomorrow afternoon. 20 Pastors from across the country have gathered together to spend 17 days on a spiritual pilgrimmage. Nearly 8 months ago I applied for a grant to be part of this amazing trip . . . and now here I am.

I’ve never been overly enamored with the touristy side of the Holy Land. What I am interested in is gaining a deeper understanding of the culture and setting of the Bible narrative. I’m interested in walking where Jesus walked–literally.

This pilgrimmage is designed to give its participants time to simply be with God. For instance, the plan is that we’ll be dropped off at the Mount of Olives. Our instructions are to take our Bible, our journal and we’ll gather together after three hours of alone time–I like this plan.

I realize that this is an unprecedented opportunity for me. I also take the responsibility that comes with it very seriously.

Would you pray for me?

1. That God would speak boldly into my heart.

2. That I would be still enough to listen . . . to really hear.

3. That I would come home a renewed Pastor with much to share with the church God has entrusted me to lead.

4. For my wife Julie, daughter Tabitha and son Elijah–that they would be safe and worry free while I am away.