I love the privilege of working with Stadia to cast the vision of Every Child Has a Church.  And, I love the partnership between Stadia and Compassion International…here is one more reason why.

“Pablo is 11-years-old. He uses a portion of the money he earns in the mines to buy alcohol. Many of the people who showed him the ropes when he started five years ago have died from malnourishment, alcohol/coca abuse or physical ailments related to mining. Pablo drinks so he doesn’t have to think about his life being one quarter over. He continues to revere the Satan statue and is glad it keeps him alive in the mines.

Pastor German is preparing for the inauguration ceremony for the finally ready-to-be-used church he has been building both spiritually and physically. Leaders have developed and with the building complete, 200 children will be holistically cared for through the Compassion program. Pastor German has seen how other churches in Potosi and La Paz have “graduated” from the Compassion program because the economic situation has so radically improved in their neighborhoods. He is very excited to see how Nueva Amanecer changes as these children grow and their parents come to know hope in Jesus.”

Stories of Hope Issue 1  What would have been different in Pastor German’s community if Pablo and others would have had access to Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Development Program nine years earlier? In this issue of “Stories of Hope,” read more about this story and how Stadia partners with Compassion International to mobilize and expedite the vision and drive of leaders like Pastor German.

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