We incorporated an interesting exercise into our worship services at RiverTree this past weekend. We handed out a blank obituary to be thought through and filled out by every person attending. For themselves.

The deceased’s name:

Date of birth:

The deceased’s occupation:

The deceased’s immediate family members and close friends:

Did the deceased follow and trust Jesus:

What kind of person was the deceased?

Who was impacted by the deceased’s life?

As I reflected and filled in the blanks of my own obituary in each of four services, it began to have a more and more profound affect on me. I realized that some of the ways I wanted to be described at my death may not be true of the way I am living. So I began to ask myself, “How should I be living right now to ensure the truth of what I hope my life will represent?”

In other words, with the end in mind, I need to start working backwards to the present.

I’m going to spend some serious time this week examining my life in light of my obituary. What changes do I need to make? Have a meaningful conversation with my wife and some others to find out what they think my obituary would say right now. Talk with them about what I would want it to say and how to rearrange my life priorities to get there.

What do you hope people will say about you when you die? What do you hope God will say?