Every once in awhile someone will pull me aside or send me an e-mail to say something to this effect: “Can you believe they’ve taken prayer out of the schools?” Or, “Can you believe they want to get rid of the 10 Commandments?” Or, “Can you believe they’re teaching evolution and not creation science?”

And here’s my response . . .

I believe that we as followers of Jesus are living in an unprecedented time to have spiritual impact in the lives of students, teachers and the school system as a whole. I have been blown away by the opportunities that Jesus-followers have to live out the Good News of God’s Kingdom. Here’s what I mean:

1. Pray with your children. Pray with them before they go to sleep at night. Pray with them before they depart for school in the morning. I frequently pray a simple prayer with my fifth grade daughter, Tabitha: “God, please let Tabs have a great day at school today. I pray she will be a good friend to others. Please keep her safe and remind her how much you love her.”

Praying with our children has a profound impact in their lives.

2. Make a commitment to pray for your child’s teachers every school day by name. If you have the opportunity, let the teacher(s) know that you are praying for them. I’ve even asked the teachers HOW I can best pray for them. I want the teachers to know that I am their advocate.

3. When you’re behind a school bus (if you’re like me, griping because of the frequent stops), pray for the bus driver and the students on the bus. When you see children waiting for the school bus, pray for them.

4. Be a blessing to children in need. Ask someone at the school if you can supply a backpack filled with school supplies for a child in need. Very quickly the school will be contacting you with its needs. The community of believers that I’m part of supplied 350 filled backpacks this year!!!

5. Invite an administrator or teacher from the school system to your community of believers so that you can pray for them. No agenda but God’s blessing. We recently prayed for the Superintendents of three major school systems in our community. THEY came to OUR prayer gathering!!!

The risk is high for children these days but our God is a powerful God who loves them even more than we do. The question is–will we care enough to get involved with our prayers, our time our financial resources?