I read a lot. And I like to talk about the books I read. But, by far, the most important book I read on a daily basis is God’s Word, the Bible.

This morning I finished reading through the New Testament. This time I read it through in The Message translation. I love the freshness of Eugene Peterson’s translation. It’s not a great version to study, but it is a great version for devotional reading.

My goal is to read through the New Testament twice in a twelve month period of time and then to read through the Old Testament the next year. You can do this by reading about five chapters a day.

It’s amazing that you can read the Bible over and over again, and every time, God will speak to you in a new and fresh way. I completely understand why Hebrews 4:12 says that “the Word of God is living and active.”

So, tomorrow morning I’ll start in the Book of Matthew once again. I’m going to read in the New Living translation this time. There’s nothing like reading about the life and teachings of Jesus!