So, who would have thought Idaho would contain some of the most beautiful country in the United States? When I’m headed out there I’m thinking, “Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.” I couldn’t have been more wrong! I shoud have been thinking, “Mountains and lakes, mountains and lakes.”

Here are a few more highlights from my trip . . .

*I got to see the famous “floating green” at the Coeur d’Alene Golf Resort. The green literally is surrounded by water (you can only get to it by boat) and the distance to the green is changed daily. The day I stood on the tee (unfortunately, just to look . . . I didn’t have my clubs with me) the distance was 170 yards. Very intimidating.

*I spent a good bit of time with this great Pastor named Graydon Jessup. He leads a church of about 2500 people in Southern California. The thing that I loved about Graydon is that he is a YOUNG 65 years old. For example, when Graydon preaches at their 11:00 service on Sunday morning he encourages people in the church to text message questions to him. The questions go up on the big screens and then he takes time to answer them during his teaching. Very interactive. Very innovative.

*I visited Real Life Ministries where my friend Jim Putman is Senior Pastor. The church is located in Post Falls, Idaho and has grown from zero to 8,000 people in 9 years! God is at work all over the place!!!

*I need to check out this amazing software called Mind Manager. The team I was with was using it to map out our brainstorming sessions.

*I met this amazing guy who only lives 20 minutes from me in Ohio (We had to fly across the country to meet one another). Anyhow, this guy, Mark Cook, lives in this little town in Ohio called East Sparta. The really cool thing is that Mark has converted his grandparents farm into his home AND conference center. Come to find out that he is a very successful commodities broker–in the middle of nowhere. He holds seminars to train people who fly in from all over the world . . . to East Sparta! Mark is using his giftedness to expand God’s Kingdom. Once again, God is at work all over the place!!!