A few years ago a movie (documentary) was released titled Supersize Me.  I watched with fascination as a man ate at McDonalds restaurants –for every meal–for 30 days.  AND, every time the cashier would ask, “Would you like that supersized?”  He responded, “Yes.”  By the end of his 30 day experiment his health had deteriorated dramatically.  It was not a positive commercial for McDonalds!  In fact, his documentary led to McDonalds removing the words “supersize me” from their vocabulary.

In our culture today, we receive countless messages that suggest, “supersize ‘ME.'”  Our self-rights, ego, absorption with our own needs have come to know no bounds.

Jesus suggests that the way to a joy-filled life is the exact opposite:  “Minimize ‘me.'”

Jesus said, “Those who exalt themselves (supersize ME) will be humbled, and those who humble themselves (minimize me) will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)

John stated, “I must become less so that Jesus can become more.”  (John 3:29)

My prayer for today . . . “Minimize me.”