This past weekend I interviewed Michelle Evans in each of our gatherings at RiverTree. Michelle is the Superintendent of Canton City Schools and also a Jesus follower who is part of RiverTree.

The time I spent with Michelle was pretty amazing. There are 10,000 children in the Canton City School system. Upwards of 75% of the students qualify for the Federally assisted lunch program . . . 3 out of 4! We talked at length about how the church could love on these kids in Jesus’ name.

At the close of each service I asked 8-10 people to come up front, lay hands on Michelle’s shoulders and pray for her. One of the coolest things took place at the end of our 11:30 Sunday service. Two of the people who came forward to pray were leaders from other school districts–the Superintendent of Northwest School District and the Assistant Principal from Jackson High School.

Love it when we come together . . .