I have two family members, that I love, who happen to be homosexual. I also have numerous friends who are living the homosexual life. And I know that I’m not alone.

Every time I speak publicly about the relationships I have within the gay community I am amazed at how many people who happen to have parents, children, siblings, co-workers, etc., who are homosexual as well, stay after to talk with me.

The questions are almost always the same: How do we express love for the person of homosexual persuasion while at the same time not condoning the lifestyle? I wish there was an easy answer.

Here’s one very important breakthrough that I have had in my own life as of late. Most Christians, whether accurately or not, are thought of as intolerant of gays–even to the point of being gay-bashers. As a Pastor, unfortunately, I am almost always labeled with the “evangelical right” stigma. As a result, in any relationship I establish with a person who happens to be homosexual, I am almost always beginning in a negative hole.

I used to think that what I needed to do was balance what I believe to be God’s grace and truth. What I have come to realize is that because of the world’s perception of Christians, truth is shouting (if not screaming) simply because of my title as Pastor. Consequently, I work very hard to express God’s grace to everyone God has placed in my life. To build bridges rather than create barriers. To be loving rather than filled with fear.

In my understanding of the Jesus to whom I have committed my life . . . Jesus-followers are to be known by our love, not by our condemnation.