Father’s Day weekend is always an amazing time at RiverTree. Rather than our attendance at our services “tanking,” it actually climbs. We work hard to make everything “guy friendly.” In fact, our front sign at the Portage Campus actually says throughout the week: Men actually like it here!

One of the things that we did this year for the first time was to incorporate the Junky Car Club. In the past we’ve had classic car shows (lots of fun and great for dad’s and their kids to enjoy). But this year we asked members of the Junky Car Club to bring their vehicles and put them on display.

To be a member of the Junky Car Club your vehicle has to be paid off and you must be sponsoring a child through Compassion International. In other words, you have made a conscious decision to “live with less so that you can give more away.” For more information check out http://www.junkycarclub.org/.

Throughout Father’s Day weekend 34 more families joined the Junky Car Club and of course more Compassion children were sponsored.

Julie and I belong to the Junky Car Club. Our 2003 Saturn VUE was paid off this spring and we sponsor four Compassion children around the world.

While I was enjoying my time looking at the vehicles in the Junky Car Club and reading their bumber sticker, “Living with less to give more,” I was struck with a thought. We should have another bumper sticker printed: LIVING WITH MORE SO I CAN GIVE LESS!

At the heart of every purchase I make I am making a choice. Is this purchase necessary? Sometimes it is. But sometimes it is simply a frivilous indulgence driven by slick marketing. Every purchase I make determines my ability to give more or to give less.

It’s the choice we all face . . . Will we choose to live with less so that we can give more or will we choose to live with more so that we can give less?

*To sponsor a child, go to www.compassion.com.