This past Friday I and my family drove eleven hours to Hilton Head to begin our summer vacation/study break. Shortly after arriving we received an urgent call explaining that Julie’s mom, Linda, had experienced a lethal arrhythmia that afternoon. Actually, the correct medical term is ventricular defibrillation–her heart rhythms malfunctioned and brought the blood pumping organ to a complete halt. Fortunately, the EMTs responded to her husband’s 911 call within three minutes and she was resuscitated.

And so, at nine that night we finished repacking our things and drove the eleven hours home. I had the first Red Bull of my life at 4 A.M.!

After several days of touch and go waiting, watching Linda come out of an induced coma, unbelievable stress . . . it appears as if Mom Rex is going to be fine.

The crazy thing is that Linda is only 64 years old, in good health . . . recently passed a stress test with flying colors. Life happens. The doctors are yet to pinpoint why this incident occurred. And so today the testing begins.

Friday, Linda never dreamed she would awake three days later with paddle burns on her chest wondering what in the world happened to her. Friday, Dominique (her husband) never dreamed he would enter into a 36 hour nightmare. Friday, Julie and I never imagined our vacation would come to a screaming halt (actually without beginning). Life happens.

“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”–Psalm 46:1

Life happens.