Future Travelers_March 23 2015I recently had the opportunity to spend the day with a small group of high capacity business and church leaders.  (Thanks to Bob Buford for being such a gracious host!)  I took several pages of notes as I learned from these amazing guys.  Here are some of my takeaways:

*Being healthy means you are self-sustaining.  Thriving means you are self-sustaining and blessing others–you are multiplying.  This is true in your personal life and in the organization you are leading.

*There is no “right” structure.  In a growing organization structure is always shifting.

*Leaders must spend 80% of their time getting the right talent and nurturing the right talent on their team.  If you get the right talent then you will be able to scale your organization.

*When you are hiring, make sure the candidate’s personal values match up with the organization’s values.  Alignment is imperative!

*Negative energy from an employee in an organization is devastating.

*The leader of an organization is: 1) Keeper of the vision 2) Keeper of the culture 3) Keeper of the talent.