Spent time this week with a great group of young church leaders in Colorado. Love these guys and their commitment to doing whatever it takes to start churches that care for children.

11009369_1006498749369489_4698327938290963478_oWhile together, we toured Compassion International offices and got to hear from Compassion leaders. These Leadership Principles are prominently displayed at the Compassion HQ:

  • Compassion Leadership PrinciplesDemonstrate godly character
  • Cherish family
  • Commit to a local church
  • Live with integrity
  • Exemplify servant leadership
  • Humbly listen
  • Lead with courage
  • Ignite passion for ministry
  • Master communications
  • Equip staff
  • Strive for excellence
  • Practice personal disciplines

This kind of leadership is what makes Compassion such a high impact organization. So grateful for Stadia’s partnership with them, together ensuring that Every Child Has a Church.