Last night we had RiverTree’s Elders and spouses to our home for our annual Christmas gathering.  It’s always a good time of reviewing some of the highlights of the year and talking about what we’re looking forward to in the future.  We envision where God has us heading.

This year was no different, except that we all have a sense that God is getting ready to do something amazing.  In many ways, this past year has been a challenging year of transition.  But what I know from a number of years of experience, is that when God is preparing to use us in even greater ways, He works on our character–who we are–before what we do for Him.

At the close of our time together we exchanged gifts.  Gifts, not for one another but for others . . .  Julie and I purchased sets of sheets for the Elders–actually, they’re for the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (it turns out that sheets are one of the few things the children get to keep as their own). The Elders adopted two families for Christmas (one family with 5 children the other with 2) and gave those gifts to the families as a gift to us.  I love the spirit of generosity!

As I looked around the room at a number of leaders who are committed to servant leading God’s church I was so proud of them all.  Proud to be able to partner with them.  Proud to be on the front lines of Kingdom expansion with them.  Proud to call them my friends.