easter-peopleThis Easter weekend more than 60,000 people will gather in Stadia new church plants around the world. 60,000 people that God loves deeply. 60,000 people that desperately need to know the amazing, life-transforming hope that Jesus brings.

Would you please join me in praying for these young churches?

Our Mighty and Most Holy Heavenly Father,

We thank You that on this Easter weekend we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank You for the incredible love that sent Jesus to the cross. We thank You for the unparalleled power that raised Jesus from the dead–the same power that is alive in Your church and at work in each of our lives.

On this Easter weekend we pray for the tens of thousands of people who will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We pray for the thousands upon thousands who will experience Your grace for the very first time. May they have open hearts. May they be “good soil.” May they come seeking so that they will find. And most of all, may they know that the moment they turn to You . . . You run to them.

On this Easter weekend we pray for the hundreds of Stadia church plants around the world. We pray for the leaders of those churches, for those who will point to You in worship, for those who will care for and teach children, for every servant who helps make gathering possible. May Your people lead with love, serve with humility and find joy in leading others to You.

Above all we pray that on this Easter weekend You will be glorified, worshipped, honored and loved.

In Your precious Son’s name, the name of Jesus, we ask these prayers.