This election, November 3rd, includes an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Ohio. Currently, casino gambling is prohibited in the state of Ohio. The amendment would allow casinos to be constructed and casino gambling to take place within the state.

Regardless of your belief about gambling being permissible for a follower of Jesus . . . this is a HORRIBLE amendment!

Key facts:

1. Issue 3 is an AMENDMENT to the Ohio Constitution that will create a private monopoly controlled by four casino owners.

2. Issue 3 WILL COST OHIO JOBS – not create them. Draining billions of dollars from the Ohio consumer economy will cost Ohioans real jobs.

3. Nothing in the language will keep casino proceeds in Ohio. Two of the four properties are controlled by OUT OF STATE casino owner/developers.

4. Nothing in the language requires the out of state casino companies to actually build their promised casinos. The biggest player in Issue 3 is PENN National.

PENN is not obligated to build a single casino in Ohio if Issue 3 passes. They can simply freeze the Ohio properties to protect their existing casino business in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

5. PENN National is the same company that spent MILLIONS opposing the 2008 Ohio Amendment. They said it was wrong to use the Ohio Constitution to create a private monopoly, which is EXACTLY what they are trying to do in Issue 3.

6. More casinos mean more gambling addictions, ruined lives and broken families. No one even disputes this fact any longer. Casino billionaires instead are trying to tell us that such addictions are just the cost of doing business.

7. Ohioans have voted FOUR TIMES AGAINST casino gambling. Over 10 million votes have been cast AGAINST casinos. This is by far the worst proposal Ohioans have seen to date.

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