I spent the day today with Inte, the young girl we sponsor through Compassion International. She is ten years old and full of hope. She is full of hope because she has people praying for her, supporting her financially (enabling her to get an education) and because she knows Jesus as her Savior.

This is the second time I’ve spent a day with Inte. The first was two years ago when she was eight years old. She is much taller and much more confident today at the age of ten. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. She responded, “A doctor.” I asked her why? “So I can help people.”

The amazing thing is that most children growing up in poverty would never dream of being a physician. But Inte has hope. And because she has hope she has dreams. God dreams.

On the bus ride home today, there were ten of us who were from the USA and about 20 children and interpreters from Ecuador. We sang “Jesus Loves Me.” The Ecuadorians sang in Spanish and those of us from the USA sang in English. I couldn’t finish the song. It was too close to heaven.