If Jesus is my Lord . . .

It doesn’t mean I’ll walk around in blissful happiness, pie-in-the-sky irrelevance, everything peaches and cream.

It does mean I will experiencing heart-rending joy. Joy in the midst of my pain. In the midst of a broken world. In the midst of job loss and economic downturns and market drops.

It doesn’t mean my team will win all of the time. (God knows that as a Cleveland fan I’ve found that to be true.)

It does mean that I am part of a winning team. Part of a world-changing movement bringing God’s blessings to this earth. Eradicating poverty. Caring for children at risk. Affording hope to the hopeless. Loving the unlovely. Stewarding this amazing universe that God has entrusted to me.

It doesn’t mean perfect health, dazzling smiles, a cut body and a modelesque figure.

It does mean being satisfied with who God created me to be. Finding contentment in my unique giftedness, talents and meaningful purpose in life.

It doesn’t mean a bigger house, faster car, designer fashions.

It does mean freedom from debt. The ability to be generous. Sleeping peacefully at night because I am part of something bigger than myself.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t face adversity.

It does mean that I will triumph in tragedy. That I can face failure with confidence. That when I fall . . . Jesus will help me, once again, to rise to my feet.

It doesn’t mean I won’t be broken.

It does mean that Jesus will use my brokenness to heal others. To heal marriages, damaged relationships, addictive behaviors . . .

It doesn’t mean that I won’t sin–that I won’t rebel against God–ever again.

It does mean that I will find forgiveness. It means that when I turn to God I will discover God waiting for me with arms open wide.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t die.

It does mean that I have victory over death!

If Jesus is my Lord.