I have had numerous requests from individuals urging me to endorse a candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election. When I have declined to produce an endorsement . . . the next question is, “Well, who are you voting for?” Aside from my bumpersticker that reads, Potter and Weasley 2008, I’ll give you the inside track as to how I’m making my election decision.

What are the major issues that are being bantered about, debated, assaulted, etc. in this federal election?

Health care
Taxation/Government spending
Abortion(Sanctity of life issues)
War(specifically in Iraq)
Gay marriage(the definition of the family)

In my travels, listening in on conversations, being included in e-mail loops I wish I could get out of, etc. The #1 issue on most American minds is the . . . ECONOMY.

Let me say it more succinctly . . . In my experience with the American voter, the primary issue that is determining the casting of his/her ballot is (drumroll please): “How will my vote effect my personal financial position? My income, retirement, job security and investments?”

Now, I believe that God is concerned with all of the issues, because God is concerned about people, and that’s us. You and me. I believe that God cares.

But what I would love for us to do in this election is to reframe the question.

And before we do that, let me remind you that I am a follower of Jesus. Sooo, I do my best to view things through a Biblical worldview. If you have a different worldview, that’s okay–but you need to know where I’m coming from.

As a follower of Jesus, I would encourage every follower of Jesus to ask this question: As I look through God’s eyes, with God’s heart, what are the issues that He is most concerned about?

I won’t answer that for you. I’m simply asking you to ask the question and to pray about it as you seek God’s guidance.

In other words, it’s not necessarily about the things that bring me comfort and ease, as much as it is about what breaks God’s heart or brings a smile to God’s face.

I trust that you will vote accordingly.