Well, we’re headed into Memorial Day weekend . . . A time to remember.

In 1868, Commander in Chief, John A. Logan, inaugurated the observance of Memorial Day in honor of fallen soldiers from the Civil War. Over the years it has come to serve as a day we remember all U.S. men and women killed or missing in action in all wars.

For most of us, Memorial Day has become a time to remember not only those lost in military action but all of those we love who have passed from this life.

So, today I remember:

Grandma Nettle who prayed for me every night on her knees until the day she died. She prayed from the time that I was 10 that I would grow up to be a Pastor.

Earl Skinner who was like a Grandparent to me. He did woodworking projects with me, gave me my first hunting gun and and taught me that it was okay for men to cook.

My Mammau who was the living incarnation of spunk.

Grandma Rex (On Julie’s side), a devout Catholic who was proud to pronounce that she was the first ecumenical.

Terry Everhart who was an Elder at RiverTree. Terry helped us through some very challenging transitional times as a church.

Rich Mullins who was the first person to teach me to think outside of the box as a follower of Jesus.

Who do you remember?