I attended the Jackson Township Community Festival one evening this week with my family. As always, there were loads of interesting foods to eat. I indulged in a deep fried corn dog, greasy fries with lots of salt and dripping with vinegar and nachos loaded with jalapenos. Didn’t sleep too well that night.

The strangest food that I ate was being given away at a free sample tent. Shearer’s potato chips had set up a tent to give away cups full of their most recent potato chip flavors. The flavor that caught my eye was “Homerun Hotdog.” My thinking went like this: I like hotdogs and I like potato chips . . . Sooo, these have to be good.

It was one of the worst things I have ever eaten. The chips, true to their name, DID taste like a hot dog. However, some things simply should not be mixed! It was a bit of a joke around their display–people were laughing and saying, “You’ve got to try these. They’re horrible!”

Tried any bad foods lately?