One of my favorite parts of each day here in Peru is the time our team spends together in the evenings. We talk about the day, where we saw God at work, what He is doing in our lives, how we can continue to be people of impact in the future . . . And we are also discussing a book we are reading together: Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.

The premise of Gary’s book is, “What if marriage is intended to make us holy more than it is to make us happy?” Certainly marriage has the potential to make us happy, but it has even more potential to develop our character into the image of Jesus.

Sitting for an hour with eleven men, discussing how we can be better husbands, is incredibly important. For many of us, it will not be our lack of leadership skills that will shipwreck our lives, it will be a failure of character–a destruction of our marriage.

We want to stay in the game and finish well!

By the way, this is my third time through Sacred Marriage. Pick this one up!