Hi Hon,

Well, your birthday is coming to a close.

I didn’t want us to call it a night without saying a few things to you.

This morning I watched you do this amazing job of leading our worship services at RiverTree . . . And I want you to know that you looked just as beautiful today as you did sixteen years ago when we first met. You are still smokin’ hot! More importantly, there is a spiritual beauty that only comes with time and you allowing God to develop the character of His Son in your life.

I watched you this afternoon with our daughter, Tabitha. The two of you were dancing in the kitchen together. Thank-you for being a dancer and for teaching Tabs to dance–wherever and whenever.

I watched you this evening with our parents. Parents that are wonderful, amazing and like us all, sometimes challenging. Your unconditional love for our family is both humbling and inspiring. I want to learn to love like you love.

Tonight perhaps I’ll watch you sleep . . . Every once in awhile I wake beside you and think how fortunate I am to have you in my life.

So, happy birthday honey. I love you now more than ever and look forward to growing older with my “true companion.”

As ever,