In Matthew 25 Jesus teaches us that whatever we do for the least of these . . . we do for Him.  In other words, when we bless those in need, right here and right now, we’re blessing Jesus.  When we give gifts of love, and kindness, listening and meeting needs . . . we’re giving gifts to Jesus.

This December at RiverTree we’ve been imagining . . .

Imagine Christmas . . . where no-one is hungry.  And as a result, 260 children were sponsored through Compassion International.  260 children that will not be hungry!

Imagine Christmas . . . where no-one is thirsty.  And as a result, nearly 600 Water of Life filters were purchased.  Filters that will provide clean, safe drinking water for more than 7000 people for life.  7000 people that will not be thirsty!

Imagine Christmas . . . where no-one is lonely.  And as a result, hundreds of fleece blanket kits were purchased, put together and delivered to people around us who needed a loving touch.  Hundreds of people who were reminded that they are not alone!

This Christmas Eve at all of our gatherings at all of our campuses, we will imagine Christmas . . . where no-one is lost.  This is an amazing opportunity for us to invite friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors . . . anyone that needs to find their way home.

This Christmas Eve will also give us an opportunity to care for a mountainside community in Bolivia.  A community of several thousand that has no running water.  No flush toilets.  Extreme poverty.  Little hope.  Unless we help them find their way home to Jesus.  We will be collecting a special offering, 100% of which will go outside the walls of RiverTree, an offering to plant a new church in Bolivia that will provide care for the children of that community.  This Christmas we have the ability to alleviate hunger, thirst, loneliness and to help people find their way home.  Can you imagine?

Jesus said, “Whatever you have done for one of the least of these . . . you have done for me.”  Happy birthday Jesus!